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Planner: “Working with Copenhagen was a wonderful experience”

Collaboration, efficiency and professionalism. These are some of the characteristics event organisers tie to Copenhagen as a MICE destination. We call it the Copenhagen way.
Copenhagen is both known for a high level of professionalism and its unique destination network model – Meetingplace – where the Copenhagen CVB and an extensive network of suppliers are working closely together – for the convenience of planners and buyers.
One of those who recently experienced the benefits of the Copenhagen way was Lorraine Hall, Managing Director of The Meetings Space, who lead The Meetings Space when it was held in Copenhagen in Spring 2017.
“Working with Copenhagen Convention Bureau was a wonderful, wonderful experience: simply superb professional support from truly wonderful people. The team is highly experienced in all elements of the global MICE market: They know their product intimately and their enthusiasm is infectious,” said Lorraine Hall.
Subsequently, she highlighted the Danes positive approach:
“Part of the event organisers life involves dealing with potentially stressful situations caused by time pressures, budget issues, jobs worth attitudes, moving goal posts… or as the Danish like to call them …. opportunities to make the client happy!
In Copenhagen, the suppliers and the Convention Bureau collaborates closely together to deliver an efficient and flexible experience.
“They were remarkable in that everyone consistently just wanted to help. I suspect this is fostered by their national distaste for hierarchy and bureaucracy which engenders an environment of trust and allows everyone to use their common sense. They also love any excuse to be creative,” said Lorraine Hall, The Meetings Space.
Immediately after hosting The Meetings Space successfully in Copenhagen, the Convention Bureau team received two RFP’s of 3.350 participants and 12.450 room nights combined, which shows that attendees were likewise positive about the Copenhagen approach.
The Copenhagen way simply gives you a smooth, efficient and professional collaboration experience.


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