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Planes crashes in Philippines and Sudan


Sudan plane crash kills 32; three missing in the Philippines

Separate plane crashes in Sudan and the Philippines killed dozens on Sunday, including government officials. In Sudan, 32 people were killed when an aircraft, likely to be operated by state-owned Sudan Airways, crashed in mountains around the town of Talodi close to the disputed border with newly independent South Sudan. The passengers, including Sudan’s religious affairs minister, Ghazi al-Sadeq, were travelling to an Islamic festival marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. According to the state news agency SUNA, bad weather was the cause of the accident. A spokesman for a rebel group in the area, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North, said it did not bring the plane down.
In the Philippines, the country’s interior secretary, Jesse Robredo, is missing after the Cessna 172 he was flying on crashed into the sea while attempting an emergency landing in the province of Masbate. The two pilots are also missing, but the minister’s police escort jumped out of the plane and was rescued with minor injuries.
Reuters / BBC
[pictured: Nuba Mountains, Sudan; (C) Andreas 31]


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