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Plane lands with hole in engine


Passengers panic on flight from Sydney to Shanghai
An aircraft that had taken off for Shanghai was forced to return to Sydney after a serious technical failure left a gaping hole in the engine casing.
The pilot on China Eastern Airlines flight MU736 reported problems with the engine about one hour into the flight. Nervous passengers later told the media that they smelled burning inside the plane.
However, the Airbus A330 landed safely and there were no injuries. Images circulating on social media clearly show a large hole in the engine.
The passengers said there was a loud sound from the left engine shortly after take-off. One woman told Reuters: “The cabin crew went out and told us to fasten our seatbelts and tried to calm us down, but we were actually very panicked because we had no idea what was happening.”
The crew also cleared the seats near the affected engine. An investigation has been launched into what could have caused such extensive damage.


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