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Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015


The city of Pilsen offers 50 cultural events in public spaces and over 600 programs ranging from theatre and music shows to exhibitions and art installations.

Beginning of the year, the West Bohemian city of Pilsen located just one hour outside of Prague has become the European Capital of Culture 2015. Pilsen is known as an industrial capital of Western Bohemia, housing the Skoda Engineering Works since the early 19th century. However, most visitors are familiar with Pilsen as a beer mecca and the home to Pilsner Urquell brewery, where modern Pilsner style beer was first developed more than 150 years ago.

Most important cultural events in 2015:

Liberation Festival – May 1st-6th, 2015
Venue: historical center of Pilsen

Whereas most of the Czech Republic was liberated by Soviet troops at the end of World War II, Pilsen was liberated by the U.S. Army led by General George S. Patton on May 6th, 1945. The 70th anniversary jubilee of Pilsen’s liberation by the U.S. Army and the end of World War II will be celebrated in spectacular style!

Visitors from around the world will arrive to celebrate the liberation of the city and enjoy a rich cultural program together with local citizens as well as American veterans. The celebrations will be launched by the American band Lynyrd Skynyrd. There will be commemorations held at the World War II memorials, historical vehicle parades as part of the Convoy of Liberty and encounters with war veterans accompanied by a presentation of period military equipment. Further, visitors can enjoy a gala concert- The Heart of Europe Beats for Peace and the exhibition- The Light of Insight, “The 1945 Liberation in Pictures”.

Jiri Trnka Exhibition – Until May 10th, 2015
Venue: Gallery of the City of Pilsen

This unique multimedia exhibition is dedicated to the work and life of Jiri Trnka, the Czech puppet-maker, illustrator and motion-picture animator. In addition to his successful career as an illustrator of children’s books, the artist is best known for his work in animation with puppets, which began in 1946. The exhibition captures key moments and living themes throughout Trnkas’ entire life and creative career. The collection of works include over three hundred original artefacts, such as original theatre puppets from the 1920’s and 1930’s, paintings, graphics and sculptures. Further, on display is a comprehensive collection of original illustrations and a multimedia installation focused on living moments with Jiri Trnka.

Ladislav Sutnar
Applied art/exhibition – May 14th- November 8th, 2015
Venue: The West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen

Ladislav Sutnar, the world-renowned graphic designer and Pilsen native, became the pioneer of information design and architecture. Sutnar’s design creations can be seen in different fields of applied arts, particularly in porcelain, glass and metal objects. This exhibition is one of the components of the project “Return of Ladislav Sutnar”. It will highlight Sutnar’s contribution to the development of functionalist housing culture and the purposeful promotion of a modern lifestyle.
Venus/exhibition – 21st May – 6th August, 2015
Venue: The Gallery of the City of Pilsen

The exhibition will present a selection of pictures and posters from both public and private collections of Ladislav Sutnar. Besides a few oil paintings in which the author experiments with geometric signs in space, the main focus of the exhibition will be Sutnar’s famous series of female nudes he called Venuses. The exhibition is housed in the birth house of Ladislav Sutnar, which now serves as the Gallery of the City of Pilsen.

Royal de Luxe – August 28th- 30th, 2015
Venue: Pilsen city center

A unique artistic workshop of the French company Royal de Luxe will be running in the city’s center for three days. Following Madrid, Paris, Antwerp and Portimao in Portugal, Pilsen will become only the 9th place in the world to host Royal de Luxe by Francois Delarozier, a French artist and designer of giant puppets. Royal de Luxe’s Little Girl Giant, a six-meter tall puppet, will inhabit the city streets as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations.

For more information please visit the official website www.plzen2015.cz/en


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