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Pilots and cabin crew win over Norwegian


Court in Norway upholds employment status claim
Pilots and cabin crew have won a legal victory over Norwegian, as a court in Norway upholds their claim that the airline – and not one its subsidiaries – is their true employer.
Asker and Bærum District Court ruled on the side of seven pilots and seven cabin crew, who sued the airline over their employment status and also for entering illegal labour contracts. The court agreed on both counts, and the airline is now considering whether to appeal.
Hans-Erik Skjæggerud of the Parat union said the decision was significant for the future of the labour market.
“Norwegian has repeatedly tried to evade responsibility as an employer, and one of the most egregious examples we saw was during the pilot strike last year, when the company again moved employees to newly created subsidiaries in an attempt to avoid all of the serious responsibilities employers have for their employees,” he said.
“The verdict puts an end to business models which are solely intended to undermine workers’ rights and prevent the protections of the Working Environment Act [arbeidsmiljøloven],” he said.
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