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Pilot strike hits Air France all this week


Air France advises passengers to avoid travel

Air France is urging passengers to avoid travelling during the week from September 15 to 22 due to a pilots’ strike notice. Around 60% of all of Air France flights are expected to be cancelled tomorrow, the airline said, in proportion to the number of pilots who will not turn up for work.

The pilots say the strike will last for the full week. They are angry with the airline’s plans to cut costs and regain market share in the fight against low-cost rivals.

Air France said in a statement that it would keep its customers informed of any changes.

“Passengers will be informed, and we ask them to change their tickets to after this period,” Air France CEO Frédéric Gagey told French radio. He added that the strike could correspond to a loss for the airline of €10-15 million per day, or a total of between about €75 and €110 million.

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[photo courtesy Air France]


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