Home News Pilot has apparent breakdown mid-flight

Pilot has apparent breakdown mid-flight


JetBlue suspends pilot while FBI investigates

The US airline JetBlue has reported that one its pilots with 12 years of experience who caused uproar on a flight from New York to Las Vegas this week, forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Texas, has been suspended. The FBI is currently investigating the incident and the pilot is now in medical care. The captain on flight 191 on Tuesday banged repeatedly on the cockpit door after being locked out by his colleagues. The flight was diverted to Amarillo in Texas due to a “medical situation” involving the captain, identified as Clayton Osbon. It was left to passengers to subdue the man.
“People behind me, big guys, started going up there and trying to help, and we found out that the guy banging was actually the pilot, and he was trying to get into the cockpit because the co-pilot had locked him out,” one passenger explained later. “Everybody seemed pretty nervous. Nobody was sure what was going on. Everybody seemed very concerned.”


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