Home Airlines Pilot: “Everyone remain calm, part of the wing fell off”

Pilot: “Everyone remain calm, part of the wing fell off”


Plane forced into emergency landing after extreme turbulence
A plane was forced into an emergency landing when part of the wing “fell off” in mid-flight. The pilot tried to reassure nervous passengers who saw something was wrong with the wing during a spell of extreme turbulence.
A section of the wing of the Southwest Airlines flight from Austin to Harlingen in Texas appeared to be at an irregular angle. But the Boeing 737 with 109 people on board made a safe landing at San Antonio.
Describing his “near death experience” on Facebook, passenger Lorenzo Hernadez Jnr said: “During the flight on the left side of the plane, fasteners came or broke off the wing. I heard a few people to the side of me scream to the aircrew, a piece broke and flew off and a panel was hanging.”
People prayed as the plane experienced “the worst turbulence ever”, he said. “I am glad to say the great staff and pilots kept calm and stabilized the plane after a few minutes.”
According to an airline spokesperson, the emergency landing was made because “flap track canoe fairing” was at an irregular angle.
Another passenger described how the pilot told passengers, “Uh, yup, everyone remain calm, a piece of the wing fell off.”


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