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Philippines publishes its first cruise guide


Guide highlights Philippines’ ports and destinations

The Philippines Department of Tourism has rolled out its first cruise manual, which it has called Cruising Philippines, Asia’s Caribbean in a bid to increase its share of Asia’s fast-growing market.

The 45-page manual outlines the country’s various ports, capacities and infrastructure, tourist attractions and shore excursions.

“We’re promoting the country to investors and encouraging cruise ships to include the Philippines in their itineraries and to make it their homeport,” Warner Andrada, division chief for product development, explained.

The manual is a step in the right direction in promoting the Philippines as cruise destination, said Wally Cervantes, vice president and general manager of Arpan Air, which represents several cruise lines in the Philippines.

“Most cruise companies are looking at Asia and new ports that they can visit,” he said. “But I hope they will not stop there. They should also look at how to improve our product offering in terms of improving the facilities at the ports and the activities available to cruise passengers.”

The manual generates awareness about other Philippine destinations, suggested Marilyn Tunguia, inbound tour supervisor at Sharp Travel Service.

“Boracay and Palawan are popular, but it’s good that other destinations like Hundred Islands in Pangasinan and Kalanggaman in Leyte are also being brought to the radar of cruise operators,” she said.

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[pictured: Philippines; courtesy PATA]


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