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Peru opens remote pyramids to visitors


Sanctuary of Pachacamac part of new Route of the Pilgrims

Peru has opened up a tourist attraction rooted in ancient beliefs. Visitors can now hike to the new Route of the Pilgrims, whose highlight is a sanctuary known as Pachacamac. The site once had an oracle consulted by Inca leaders thinking about big decisions such as whether to go to war. Pachacamac consists of a palace and a series of pyramids with ramps visitors can climb. Archaeologists spent more than two years preparing the route, which opened at the weekend.
One of the most notable features at Pachacamac, which covers about 500 hectares, is a once-worshipped image representing the god of earthquakes. It thrived from around the year 200 AD up until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in 1533.
[pictured: Temple of the Sun, Pachacamac; photo by Charles Gadbois]


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