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Passengers rebel on board Ryanair flight


Fliers display “almost animal and barbaric behaviour”

Ryanair passengers launched a “barbaric” revolt against cabin crew on a recent flight from Rabat, Morocco, to Paris after numerous delays. The events took place on January 11 but press reports are only now appearing.

The events began when one of the 170 passengers on board became seriously ill, forcing the flight to divert to Madrid, newspaper The Telegraph reported.

By the time the plane took off from Madrid, it was too late for it to land at Paris Beauvais airport due to late-night noise restrictions. It was forced to land instead at Nantes in western France, where passengers were told they would have to spend the night. The passengers became increasingly angry.

One baggage handler at Nantes airport said passengers displayed “almost animal and barbaric behaviour towards the plane, the crew and the ground staff”.

The French newspaper Metronews reported that cigarettes, food, drinks, perfume and “anything else of value” was stolen.

One passenger told the paper: “I have nothing to reproach the airport staff or the police for, they were very professional. I am neither a robber nor a hostage taker. We were tired and annoyed by a mismanaged situation. We were thirsty, hungry, and had no information on our fate.

“We compensated ourselves by taking some drinks and food. After seven hours stuck in the plane instead of two-and-a-half, people needed to eat.”

Police were called in to maintain peace when passengers refused to accept instructions from staff. After a few hours at the hotel, Ryanair provided coaches to Paris, where the passengers arrived on Sunday morning.

TTG Digital / The Telegraph / Metronews

[photo courtesy Ryanair]


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