Home News Passengers flying to Thailand face new fee

Passengers flying to Thailand face new fee


Possible security charge amounts to THB90 (€2.20) per person

International passengers travelling to or through airports in Thailand may soon face an additional security fee. The charge of THB90 (€2.20) per person would be designed to cover the costs of implementing an “advanced passenger information system”. The system was approved by the Airports of Thailand authority last week and is now awaiting Transport Ministry approval.
The new security system will make it easier for Thai airports to streamline passenger flows and improve safety, sending passenger information to all departments and airlines and preventing suspect passengers from entering or leaving the country. The system is especially important following the country’s recent terrorist scare. As part of the scheme, commercial airlines would be responsible for collecting the fee, and it is likely that they would pass the charge on to passengers.
[pictured: Bangkok; courtesy TAT]


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