Home News Passenger spending is returning to airports

Passenger spending is returning to airports


Recovery to reach 2008 levels will probably return by year end

Measured in terms of spending at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, passenger confidence is returning, comments the airport’s director of commercial services and media, Jacques Hoendervangers. “Full recovery”, matching the levels of 2008, will likely be reached by the end of the year. A positive change is undeniable, he says, compared to poor retail sales in the cities, but the amounts being spent vary from group to group. Asian and Russian passengers have plenty of money to spend, whereas the Dutch and other Europeans do not. There are still comparatively few Chinese passengers at Schiphol, but they spend €60-70 per head, making them the commercial services’ number-two customers after the local Dutch. Rolex watches and diamonds, which Amsterdam is famous for, sell especially well to the Chinese.
[pictured: Brown diamonds at the Museum of Natural History, Washington DC]


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