Home News Passenger hit by drinks trolley sues airline

Passenger hit by drinks trolley sues airline


Qatar Airways sued for medical damage to knee

Qatar Airways is being sued for damages two years after a drinks trolley collided with the knee of an Australian passenger on a flight from Doha to Melbourne. The passenger, John Karatzaferis, alleges he is still suffering from “pain, tenderness and limitation of movement” in his left knee as a result.
He says a flight attendant hit him while pushing the trolley along the aisle, adding that the accident made an existing arthrosis – degenerative disease of the joints – much worse. The “chronic pain and dysfunction” has also led to psychological injuries including “anxiety and depression”.
It is the latest in a string of legal actions to be launched against international airlines in the last year where passengers allege injury or mistreatment by crew or ground staff.


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