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Passenger gives birth on Stockholm flight


Cabin crew thrown into panic as contractions start
Cabin crew were thrown into panic on a flight to Stockholm at the weekend when one of the passengers suddenly went into labour. But everyone on board calmed down once the Syrian woman in her 30s had given birth to a baby boy.
The incident happened on a flight from Istanbul operated by Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus. An interpreter – the woman spoke only Arabic – and a former nurse helped in the delivery.
On landing, mother and baby were rushed to nearby Danderyd Hospital. The passenger admitted she had boarded the plane well into the ninth month of her pregnancy.
“It was a wonderful and healthy baby,” said interpreter Nisrin Sabuncu Hajar. “As soon as the baby came out, everyone calmed down, everyone was happy.”
Once the woman started having contractions, the crew asked the pilot to make an emergency landing. But the passenger begged the pilot not to land in Ukraine, the nearest country, and the plane continued on to Sweden.
“She was really scared because she came from Syria and was alone with three children on board,” Hajar said. “This was the first time she’d come to Sweden.”
Expressen / The Local


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