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Man dragged off overbooked flight


United Airlines suffers fresh blow to reputation
United Airlines is suffering another blow to its reputation after a male passenger was selected at random and dragged off a flight because it was overbooked.
Videos taken by passengers waiting for the flight to depart Chicago’s O’Hare for Louisville show guards violently dragging the man out of his seat and down the aisle despite protests from the people seated.
The airline said in a statement that the flight was overbooked and that no one agreed to voluntarily give up their seat. It chose four passengers at random to leave the plane, based on ticket class and check-in time.
One of them – a doctor flying to Louisville for a shift at the hospital there – refused to leave, prompting officials to request the assistance of law enforcement. One passenger said that the seats were cleared for airline employees on standby who were needed for shifts in Louisville.
The incident follows another controversy, where United was accused of sexism for denying boarding to a girl wearing leggings.
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