Home News Passenger angry at “airlines’ dumbest fee”

Passenger angry at “airlines’ dumbest fee”


Heavy charge for passengers arriving early at airport



A writer describes how he arrived at New York’s LaGuardia Airport early to catch the 15:40 US Airways flight home to Charlotte. When he reached the gate, an earlier flight was still boarding. Asking the agent if he could take the earlier flight, the agent said, “Yes, lots of seats.” But it would cost $75 to change.

Not surprisingly, he decided to wait the extra 50 minutes.

“Like many people familiar with the airline business, I generally think positively about the industry’s new fee-for-service model. I can argue that charging to check baggage is morally virtuous, because passengers’ tendency to pack far more stuff than they need wastes fuel,” he writes.

“But charging a change fee to fly standby when a passenger is already at the gate seems not only avaricious but also disadvantageous for the airline.”

The empty seat becomes worthless and also denies the airline the flexibility that comes with an empty seat on the next flight.

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