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Partial rerouting of Everest trail likely


Experts also recommend relocating two Nepal villages
Experts recommend rerouting a section of the Everest trail and relocating two villages following the Nepalese earthquake in April.
A report commissioned by the Nepal government assessed nine major bridges and 710 buildings in 15 local villages. It found that “minimal damage” was done to the majority of accommodation and trails in the Everest region, in Nepal’s northeast.
However, to reduce risks to both tourists and locals alike, it said that part of the trail should be rerouted while buildings in the villages of Tok Tok and Benkar should be relocated to the other side of a river.
The report, which has been welcomed in the country, also recommends a follow-up engineering assessment after the monsoon.
“Tourism is the largest employer in Nepal and it’s vital to our economic recovery,” said Ramesh Kumar Adhikari, administrative chief of Nepal Tourism Board. “We know that Everest is a huge draw for visitors – it is a bucket-list destination.”
Tulasi Prasad Gautam, director general of the Department of Tourism: “The aim of the report was to develop an initial understanding of the extent of the damage from the earthquakes so we could assess the overall safety of the Everest region’s trekking routes before the season starts in September.”
Darrell Wade, chief executive and founder of Intrepid Travel: “As far as we’re concerned the report is all good news, because even where it’s identified issues it means that we now have the information needed to rebuild Nepal stronger than ever before, and ensure the safety of our staff, travellers and the local communities we visit.”
The government report comes after one last month, which identified “very little damage to the area in north-central Nepal, with the 3% of buildings damaged in the quake all ‘easily repairable’”.
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