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Paris Air Show: Green themes, sluggish orders


Airbus and Boeing dominate 51st Paris Air Show since 1909
The signature event for the aerospace industry has started once again in France. The 51st Paris Air Show since 1909 will be dominated by leading manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, but this time there has been “an uncharacteristic lack of pre-show hype”, the BBC reports.
Combined Boeing and Airbus orders for civil aircraft by the end of the week could be below the average 387 seen in recent years, experts predict.
Many airlines are cutting back on capacity following the rush to buy planes after the financial crisis. Yet Airbus and Boeing already have record backlogs of almost 12,000 aircraft.
Boeing predicts that airlines and cargo companies will take delivery of 38,050 aircraft worth $5.6 trillion by 2034. Almost half of all newly built planes will go to Asia.
The centrepiece of the Paris Air Show will be the long-range A350, which will make flights on each day of the show. Airbus is likely to reveal healthy orders for the aircraft. But sales of the A380 super-jumbo are sluggish, with just 317 sales since its launch 10 years ago.
Meanwhile, the show and the airlines attending are keen to stress fuel efficiency and the environment. Airbus will fly its E-Fan 2.0 electric prototype, which can fly for about an hour with speeds of up to 60 km/h, powered by lithium-ion polymer batteries.


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