Home News Overpricing and scams at Bangkok airport

Overpricing and scams at Bangkok airport


Is airport authority doing enough to solve problems?

Many problems are affecting passengers’ experiences of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, but the authorities appear powerless to stop them. Taxi scams, overpricing at shops and slow service at check-in desks keep Suvarnabhumi low in many polls of Southeast Asia’s best airports, TravelDailyNews reports.
In contrast to the consistent efficiency of, say, Hong Kong, long lines and frustrated passengers appear to be the norm in Bangkok. A spokesperson at Airports of Thailand says that the airport authority has been overwhelmed by a rapid expansion in passenger numbers.
From the airport, taxis’ meters are often fixed to show bigger distances than are actually travelled. This is despite the fact that investigations of complaints can lead to the driver being suspended from service at Suvarnabhumi.
[pictured: International Suvarnabhumi Airport; courtesy Thai Airways]


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