Home News Over 32 million cruise pax a year by 2032

Over 32 million cruise pax a year by 2032


Cruise capacity to reach 32.2 million passengers per year

The worldwide cruise fleet will be able to carry around 32.2 million passengers each year in 20 years’ time. In the new 2012 Cruise Industry News Annual Report, which tracks industry growth based on new ship orders, cruise lines have revealed their long-term plans for shipbuilding and deployment changes over the next two decades.
In the near term, industry capacity is expected to rise to 21.4 million in 2016 from 18.1 million last year. Despite a comparative surge of 7.4% this year, the average annual growth rate until 2016 is 3.4%. From then until 2032, average annual capacity growth should stabilise to about 2.5%.
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[pictured: MSC]


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