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OSL opens work zone for travellers


Many passengers at Oslo Airport would like to have the opportunity to work when they travel. In response to demand, a work zone has been opened in the international pier where you can work in peaceful surroundings set up for this purpose.

The area is clearly marked and is located near the passport control at the far end of the international pier. The work zone is equipped with chairs with double sockets, separate tables for computers and shielding to reduce noise and provide privacy. In addition, bar tables have been set up along the windows, where you can enjoy a good view of the planes while getting work done.

“We know there is great demand for work areas from our business travellers. We have therefore reconfigured this area to accommodate these wishes. We hope that the zone will be well received,” says Joachim W. Andersen, media manager at Oslo Airport.

The airport is also looking at the possibility of opening a similar area in the domestic pier.

“This will enhance our passengers’ travel experience. We are constantly working to come up with solutions in areas where we notice a demand,” says Andersen.


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