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Organisers guarantee best ITCMA and CTW in a 10-year run in Thailand


ITCMA and CTW will have most to applaud as this general business eventuality commemorates a 10th year in Thailand.

This 2011, Asia’s Only Doublebill Event In MICE and Corporate Travel will benefaction an unusually clever exhibitor showcase, new and innovative sponsored activities to rivet member and an enviable customer form that includes some of a industry’s mega shopping houses.

Exhibitors Choose To Invest At ITCMA and CTW 2011
Up and entrance MICE destinations Cambodia and Vietnam have selected ITCMA and CTW as their entrance business height to a MICE and Corporate Travel industry. With a design of compelling and augmenting recognition of their capabilities as a MICE Destination, Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia and Vietnam MICE Club are creation a absolute initial matter with a 36sqm and 48sqm counter respectively. This feat also represents a event’s initial vital break-through in a Indochina region.

Returning exhibitors are creation incomparable investments in ITCMA and CTW as evidenced by a boost in counter sizes. Pattaya MICE City has some-more than tripled their muster space from 18sqm to a whopping 60sqm. Sri Lanka Convention City has also increasing their space from 18sqm to 24sqm. National States such as Hyderabad CVB and Seoul Sabah, have emerged from their nation pavilions to attend as particular entities. This is due to a event’s flourishing reputation, unchanging smoothness of ROI and clever attention confidence. In total, ITCMA and CTW will see a 10% jump to some 335 exhibiting companies this year, closely relating a prior high in 2009.

Said Mr Darren Ng, Managing Director of TTG Asia Media – eventuality organiser of ITCMA and CTW, “Despite a good display in terms of exhibitor numbers, a uncover is looking to re-emphasize a ability to broach a peculiarity muster showcase of general MICE and Corporate Travel suppliers. We wish to position ITCMA and CTW as a absolute general height for suppliers around a universe to grasp their different business objectives.”

New and Innovative Activities To Engage MICE Corporate Travel Delegates, Is A Hit With Sponsors Busan is sponsoring a 108sqm a event’s first-ever Hosted Delegate Lounge. Located on a muster floor, this loll will be a ideal approach for hosted buyers (MICE and Corporate Travel Managers) and media to locate adult on business but carrying to skip a other goings-on during a event.
Another initial during ITCMA and CTW is Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts’ Roving Polaroid Pictures to concede member to constraint memories of a event, as they happen.

This slew of new sponsorship ideas has combined uninformed and sparkling opportunities for exhibitors to raise their appearance during ITCMA and CTW, while value-adding to delegates’ knowledge during a event. Meanwhile, sponsorship of nominee bags, escalator wraps, tee-shirts, lanyards and badges has been snapped adult by prolonged time partner, Thailand Convention and Exhibitions Board (TCEB), while Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong will be enchanting member with an spontaneous sun-downer during a finish of a business day.

Improved Buyer Validation and Acquisition Process Results In Quality MICE Corporate Travel Buyers With Spending Power
Exhibitors looking for buyers with low pockets will be confident to accommodate member from organisations with annual budgets for Asia trimming from USD 250,000 to USD 2,000,000. This includes Stella Travel Services – Australia, Web Applications Society @WAS-Austria, China International Travel Agency (CITS) – Shanghai, Centre Formation ESKA – France, Next Generation Ltd – Greece, Delta Travel Group – Hungary, International League Against Epilepsy – Ireland, PRM Events/ PRM Brokers Limited – United Kingdom, and many more.

This 2011, a eventuality will also acquire first-time MICE buyers from 8 new countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Denmark, Latvia, Lebanon, Macedonia and Saudi Arabia; all with a penetrating seductiveness in shopping into Asia.
The specifically shaped TTG Advisory Committee’s strong efforts to boost appearance from Corporate Travel Managers this year continues to produce results. Along with a record 125 Corporate Travel Managers to date, a uncover will see illustration from 3 new countries: Taiwan, Italy and United Kingdom.

Quality of Corporate Travel Manager profiles continue to sojourn high with a largest fortuitous of transport managers go to heading MNCs in a Engineering, Energy, Petroleum, Chemicals and Manufacturing industries.

Meanwhile, Corporate Travel direct from China, Thailand and United States have surged with transport managers from these territories roughly tripling this year.

Some 120 general and internal Thai media will be providing general coverage to ITCMA and CTW 2011. Thanks to a support of a 4 TTG Official Media and 28 general Media Affiliates, a eventuality has already perceived substantial tellurian bearing in a run adult to a event.


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