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Operators will suffer if Greece won’t spend


Greece must use funds to fight against “constant negative publicity”

The heads of the major tour operator associations in the UK have warned the Greek government that more money must be spent on promoting Greece. Otherwise, operators may go out of business. The chiefs of ABTA and AITO have told Greece in a letter that action should be taken immediately in order to fight against the “constant negative publicity focused on Greece”, by unlocking funds for promoting the country. Tourism accounts for 18% of Greece’s gross national product, the letter reminds, and destination promotion should be stepped up if Greece is to break its “downward spiral”.
The Greek government should match, “euro for euro”, what tour operators spend on marketing the country, the letter says.
“If funds for PR and promotional activity are not immediately forthcoming, then flight and accommodation capacity will be cancelled by UK tour operators because they are currently simply unable to sell the normal volume of holidays to Greece.”
The letter adds: “They will risk their own continued existence if they don’t take such difficult steps speedily. Greece needs positive promotion now and not in three months’ time, when it will be too late. This open letter asks you take immediate action if you really wish to safeguard the future of the Greek people and Greece itself.”
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[pictured: South coast, Crete]


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