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Open skies… with Traveleyes… a sensational experience!


Traveleyes is a world travel company with a difference. This unique international air tour operator provides hand-made, multi-sensory group holiday vacations for both blind and sighted travellers, who journey together to stunning world destinations.

The Founder of Traveleyes is the blind traveller, world award winning entrepreneur and TV/film director Amar Latif, 36, who became 95% blind by the age of 19 and subsequently discovered that access to world travel for a blind person was fraught with pitfalls, problems, rejections and restrictions. His answer was to create Traveleyes, the first such international company (not a charity) in the world. Latif has been the recipient of numerous awards, including: ‘The Outstanding Young Person’ of the world (T.O.Y.P. award), Business and Entrepreneurial, 2005. (Chamber of Commerce International (JCI).

The primary function of Traveleyes is to enable blind people to enjoy independent world travel on their own terms, without always having to travel accompanied by family members. They can now simply browse the audio brochure or accessible website… then just book….and go!… with the same ease that sighted people have always enjoyed, knowing that Traveleyes will take care of everything else. But Traveleyes has proved equally popular with sighted customers of all ages and backgrounds too. Each Traveleyes holiday features exactly balanced numbers of blind and sighted, none of whom have necessarily ever met each other before. The blind travellers gain a hand-made, multi-sensory world travel experience amid a new-found spirit of independence.

The sighted travellers, who require no previous experience of blindness, are on holiday too and they benefit from a very significant price discount, in return for the contribution of their eyes and their verbal descriptions of the sights for their sightless fellow-travellers. Traveleyes staff accompany every holiday. The runaway success of Traveleyes with both blind and sighted customers has seen the company, now in its eighth year of operation, develop a large and rapidly growing worldwide customer-base for its unique multi-sensory holidays to a wide range of destinations, including: Australia, China, Peru, India, Mauritius, Vietnam, Iceland, Cuba, Brazil and cruises to the Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean and Alaska.

Traveleyes delights in proving that blindness need never be an impediment to the joys of world travel.  After all, it’s led by the blind guy… who wants to show you the world!



Notes to Editors

Traveleyes Founder / Director, Amar Latif’s work in creating new opportunities and improved access to world travel for his fellow blind travellers has attracted much attention and a number of awards:


‘The Outstanding Young Person’, of the world (T.O.Y.P. award), Business and Entrepreneurial category, 2005. (Awarded annually by the Chamber of Commerce International (JCI) for world achievement by individuals below the age of 40.

Previous T.O.Y.P. awardees have included U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, and actors Orson Welles and Christopher Reeve.


‘The Outstanding Young Person of the UK’ award (Chamber of Commerce, JCI).


‘Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year’, (2007) award.

(Sir Stelios Haji Ioannou / Easy Group / Leonard Cheshire Disability).

Amar was seen by millions around the world when he successfully completed a gruelling 220 mile trek (and 5,000 foot mountain climb) across the jungles of Nicaragua, for the BBC2/American Discovery Channel TV documentary endurance series ‘Beyond Boundaries’ (Series 1).

Amar directs films, often on the subject of travel, including conceiving and directing the TV documentary “Sightseeing Blind”, for Channel 4 TV in the U.K., filmed on location in Florence. He also appears in acting roles which have included BBC1 and BBC3 TV drama and comedy productions.

Traveleyes, in collaboration with Lonely Planet, supplies electronic text formatted versions of the original Lonely Planet range of travel guide publications, specially formulated for blind and visually impaired use. With the aid of these, blind and partially sighted travellers are able to flick through their electronic guide faster than their sighted colleagues are able to do through a print version.

Holiday destinations offered by Traveleyes in 2012 are: Vietnam, Cuba, Italy, Mauritius, Florida, Brazil and Argentina plus cruises to the Mediterranean, Baltic and Alaska… among many more. New destinations are added to the range throughout the year and full details and itineraries are always available at: www.traveleyes-international.com.

Quotation from a visually impaired customer, following a Traveleyes holiday to Canada:

“I am so happy that a company such as Traveleyes exists, so that I can explore the world independently, and through the presence of guides and their descriptions, know that I’m able to appreciate the sites to the full.”

Quotation from a sighted customer, following a Traveleyes holiday to Sorrento, Italy:

“I enjoyed excellent company in beautiful surroundings, a different experience each day, I got to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Amalfi coast and Capri, I shared the experience of cooking (and eating) a four course meal in the house of a teaching chef, I relaxed over a drink at a terrace bar watching the sun set over the Bay of Naples with my new friends, I laughed till my sides ached at the jokes and the humour of my wonderful fellow travel companions. I can honestly say it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.”

Contact details:

Email: info@traveleyes-international.com
Website: www.traveleyes-international.com
Telephone:  +44 844 8040 221


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