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One of world’s scariest hikes to reopen


Caminito del Rey in Spain is being restored

The notorious Caminito del Rey “hiking trail” near Málaga, Spain, is being restored and is due to reopen to the public in early 2015. But it should be much safer than in earlier years, when it claimed the lives of a number of daring hikers.

Five people died in the gorge in 1999 and 2000, after which the walkway closed. At the moment it is illegal to walk along the trail, which runs above the Guadalhorce river gorge near El Chorro, and trespassers are fined a maximum of €6,000 if they try to climb it.

Four kilometres of the path are being restored, at a cost that could exceed €5 million, including the infamous cliff-side section through the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. The Caminito del Rey path was created 109 years ago by workers at nearby hydroelectric plants and much of it is made of old wooden boards or broken concrete supported by steel rails.

The Guardian

[photo by Fran Villena/flickr]


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