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On track: TUI Cruises delivers further reduction in cruise ship emissions

Environmental Report 2016 documents achievements in environmental protection
16 of the 21 self-defined environmental targets for 2016 achieved
Reduction in sulphur oxide emissions of 10 per cent, waste volume of 2 per cent and water consumption of more than 4 per cent per person per night of stay
Cruise industry pioneer: Global use of exhaust gas treatment systems expanded
Portfolio of sustainable shore excursions further expanded in 2016
The target has been clearly defined and establishes a clear sense of direction: TUI Cruises aims to operate one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cruise ship fleets by 2020. TUI Cruises’ planned measures aimed at achieving this target and the self-defined targets delivered last year are presented in the latest Environmental Report 2016, will be available for download in a few days.
Last year’s launch of Mein Schiff 5 marked a major step forward towards achieving TUI Cruises’ target. As all other newbuilds, the latest newbuild also features a comprehensive exhaust gas treatment system, cutting sulphur emissions by up to 99 per cent, nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 75 per cent and particulate matter emissions by up to 60 per cent. The system, operated by all newbuilds of the current fleet, has proven its worth and contributed to a further reduction in emissions in 2016. TUI Cruises significantly cut its emissions per person per night of stay, from CO2 via sulphur oxide (SOx) all the way to nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. “We have also deliberately decided to use the exhaust gas treatment system around the globe and at all times, not only in the special Emission Control Areas such as the North Sea or Baltic Sea. We thus go far beyond statutory requirements and position ourselves at the forefront of our industry”, said Wybcke Meier, CEO TUI Cruises.
New project: Reducing food waste
TUI Cruises also launched numerous activities in 2016 in order to continue the steady improvement of its environmental performance. In cooperation with the sustainability initiative Futouris e.V. , TUI Cruises launched a hitherto unique project to reduce food waste on board a cruise ship. In a first stage, all food waste on board Mein Schiff 4 was systematically and comprehensively measured – a unique project in the cruise sector to date. The company is currently developing specific measures to be implemented in future, initially as a pilot project aboard Mein Schiff 4 and later across the entire fleet. TUI Cruises is thus creating new stimuli for the entire sector.
Positive feedback: Stakeholders evaluate environmental commitment
An internal project carried out in 2016 was the first stakeholder survey on environmental issues. The first results are presented in the Environmental Report. A detailed evaluation will be carried out in the next few months. However, one positive result has already been established: The stakeholders have rated the shipping line’s environmental commitment as good. Just as TUI Cruises itself, the respondents also regard emissions and energy efficiency as the key areas in which action is needed. This is a clear mandate to consistently continue on the path mapped out.


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