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Nut allergy girl stops breathing on Ryanair flight


Man who opens nuts is banned from Ryanair for two years

A four-year-old lost consciousness mid-air after a man on a Ryanair plane insisted on eating a bag of nuts, despite three warnings from cabin crew.

The incident took place around 20 minutes into a return journey from Tenerife, when Fae Platten stopped breathing and went into anaphylactic shock. An emergency injection revived her, but she was left with badly blistered lips and a swollen tongue.

Cabin crew had made three separate announcements on the flight, warning that three passengers were on board with nut allergies. But a man sitting four rows from the four-year-old and her family ignored the warnings and opened the snack, prompting the child’s face to immediately start swelling up.

Her concerned mother rushed her to the front of the plane, but the air conditioning meant there was no way she could get away from the nut particles in the air.

An emergency call was put out for medical staff, and an emergency worker came forward and administered the youngster’s eli pen – the first time she had needed to use it.

Ryanair said the passenger who had opened the nuts would be banned from flying with the airline for two years, but added that it did not impose life bans.

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