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Number of business travellers is increasing


Every sixth Dane in employment was on a business trip in 2010. Nearly half a million Danes went on a business trip in 2010. And many expect to take on more business trips this year. The latest survey by property experts Hotels.com confirms the increased interest in business travel.
After some years of decline, it now appears that momentum is gaining in the shops again. This has been shown by a study on Danish holiday plans by the world’s largest hotel booking portal Hotels.com among 1,162 Danes. Hotels.com offers hotel bookings for more than 130,000 hotels worldwide.
At the same time, 37 percent say that they went on several business trips in 2010 than in 2009. Three out of four expect them to be on as many or more business trips this year (76 percent), while only one in four expect to go fewer times than last year (24 percent).
Nigel Pocklington, managing director at Hotels.com, which conducted the survey, is delighted that the upturn in business travel:
“The number of business trips are a good indicator for the economy as a whole, so it’s encouraging to see an increase in Danish business travel. Our study shows that one in four companies book at travel sites like Hotels.com – because it is a good way to ensure that they are getting a bargain and get all the information they need to make the right choice.”
Not surprisingly, men go on business trips than women. Every fourth Danish man (24 percent) was on a business trip in 2010, while the same is true of every tenth woman (10 percent).


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