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NOVO²: the culinary concept from Poland


A revamped Food & Beverage array, a modern and functional area, and fresh, tasty produce: meet the mouth-watering choice at Novotel hotels in Poland.

In February 2014, the Novotel Gdansk Marina, Novotel Wroclaw, Novotel Warszawa Airport and Novotel Kraków Centrum embarked on the NOVO² (Square) adventure.

This clever merger combines the bar and restaurant, and encompasses 3 key concepts:

Vitality – It treats travelers to a tasty selection of fresh and environmentally-friendly produce, in line with the Planet 21 program.

Connect-ainment – An international, laid-back atmosphere in a friendly setting …

Imagination – The opportunity to explore and enjoy unrivaled flavors from around the world.

This new area is sprinkled with high stools and comfy sofas. And it is the perfect place to unwind and sip a cup of coffee. The menu features a fabulous mix of international dishes (invariably made with fresh produce!), ranging from Tom Kha Gai soup to NOVO2 burgers with fries.

And the choice includes gluten-free and vegetarian dishes to thrill every discerning connoisseur!


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