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Norwegians buy up holiday homes in Sweden


Norwegians attracted by cottages’ lower prices than at home

More and more Norwegians are buying up summer homes in Sweden, attracted by lower prices than in their home country. The Germans, Danes and Dutch are also buying into this segment of scenic Swedish real estate. But Norwegians’ ownership of Swedish cottages has risen by almost 35% since 2007, to around 9,000 cottages, according to research issued by Statistics Sweden.
“They are primarily coming to areas straddling the Norwegian border,” Rein Billström at Statistics Sweden said.
Overall, foreign ownership of summer houses in Sweden rose by 2.9% in 2011, to 35,045 cottages and cabins, or 6% of the entire number. Danes own the biggest number – about 12,000 cottages – followed by the Germans at 10,000. Non-Swedes are mostly interested in Kronoberg County in southern Sweden and Värmland County in western Sweden.
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[pictured: Lake Eldan, Långserud, Värmland; photo by Jacque de Villiers/imagebank.sweden.se]


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