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Norwegian video explains US expansion


“More jobs, more competition and affordable fares for all”
Norwegian has released a new video outlining how its expansion plans will help deliver more competition, lower fares and more jobs to the US and Europe.
Aimed at an American audience, the video uses entertaining and colourful graphics to explain how the subsidiary Norwegian Air International works and also how the carrier’s desired expansion of tranatlantic routes would increase jobs and manufacturing growth in the US. It lists organisations in the US and Europe that support NAI’s expansion.
Early in the video, the American narrator describes how Norwegian managed to survive against “the competitor who wanted to squeeze us out of the market.” Later he says: “Sadly, history is repeating itself, and the big guns are once again doing everything in their power to block legal and fair competition.” As previously reported, Norwegian’s efforts to get a permit to fly between the EU and the US are being hit by massive opposition.
The video can be watched here.
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