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Norwegian takes delivery of Boeing’s 1,000th 737-800 aircraft with Sky Interior


Today Norwegian took delivery of Boeing’s 1,000th 737-800 aircraft with the sleek Sky Interior. The interior is more spacious and comfortable and has more room for carry-on luggage.

Norwegian has taken delivery of two brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The two aircraft landed at Oslo Airport on Tuesday morning. One of these planes is Boeing’s 1,000th 737 aircraft featuring the so-called Sky Interior. Norwegian now boasts the largest Sky Interior fleet in Europe.

It is crucial for Norwegian to offer customers a good and comfortable passenger experience, something the Boeing’s Sky Interior contributes with by offering more space, more room for carry-on luggage and comfortable lighting.

Newer and more environmentally friendly aircraft

Norwegian has now taken delivery of four out of 14 Boeing 737-800s to be delivered in 2014. In addition, the company will take delivery of four 787 Dreamliners this year. The company’s fleet has an average age of 4.8, making it one of the most modern and environmentally friendly in Europe.

About Sky Interior

Norwegian received its first Boeing 737-800 aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior in 2010. The sleek design features curving architecture and new cove lighting based on Boeing’s Dreamliner interior. The LED “mood” lighting adds a feeling of spaciousness and improves the cabin perception. The cabin crew can also simulate sunset and sunrise, enhancing passenger comfort and ambience.


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