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Norwegian risks blockade across Europe


European Transport Workers Federation offers support

Employees at the low-cost carrier Norwegian who are preparing to go on strike in Denmark and Norway have received statements of support from colleagues across Europe, via the powerful European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) and its 2.5 million members.

This means that a strike would have consequences not only for passengers in Denmark and Norway, whose cabin crew at Norwegian strike as expected later this month. The conflict could spread throughout Europe.

This will happen if Norwegian carries out its announcement to circumvent a strike by hiring aircraft and personnel from other companies.

Marit Lindén, president of the Norwegian Cabin Association, says he has received a statement from the ETF that Norwegian would be stopped throughout Europe in the event of a strike.

“They have said they will keep all personnel back in Europe if [Norwegian CEO] Bjørn Kjos tries to break the strike during a possible conflict escalation,” Lindén said.

Cabin crew and management at Norwegian are speaking no longer to each other. Staff are now waiting for a message from Danish conciliator Asbjørn Jensen before around 1,200 flight attendants inflict a major strike on Norwegian. The strike could hit as early as this coming Sunday and no later than May 25. Only when the mediator sets a date will Norwegian’s 228 Danish cabin crew be legally able to participate in a strike, after which 1,000 Norwegian cabin crew would then follow suit.


[photo courtesy Norwegian]


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