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Norwegian retires the Boeing 737-300 on its final flight from the UK

Norwegian, Europe’s third largest low-cost carrier, flew its last Boeing 737-300 from Lasham in the UK to the small town of Bodø in Northern Norway. With all of Norwegian’s Boeing 737-300s no longer in operation, the airline’s fleet now has an average age of 3.6 years making it one of the most modern and environmentally friendly in Europe.
Norwegian has given the retired Boeing 737-300 as a present to the National Aviation Museum of Norway. Captain Johnny Silberg had the honor of flying the aircraft’s final flight.
”This airplane has been a faithful workhorse for Norwegian since 2006 and it’s wonderful that it can continue living on at the National Aviation Museum. Its new life at the museum shows the importance of Norwegian in Norway’s aviation history. We challenged the monopoly and gave affordable fares to all,” Silberg said.
The aircraft has operated 40,106 flights and spent 64,656 hours in the air. It joined the Norwegian fleet in 2006, when the airline had 14 aircraft, 54 routes and 560 employees. Today, Norwegian has a fleet of 102 aircraft, 439 routes and 5,500 employees.
A new fleet is crucial to success Norwegian is continuously renewing its fleet by taking delivery of brand new Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Norwegian currently has 267 aircraft on order, including 100 Boeing 737MAX and 30 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.
Norwegian takes pride in having a modern and efficient fleet as it benefits the passengers, the environment and the company’s costs. In November, The International Council on Clean Transportation voted Norwegian “the greenest” airline offering transatlantic flights: http://www.theicct.org/transatlantic-airline-efficiency-2014.


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