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Norwegian orders two additional Boeing 787 Dreamliners


Norwegian has signed an agreement to lease two additional Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners for its future long-haul operations.

The company has previously entered into agreements to purchase three and lease three aircraft of the same type, securing a delivery of a total of eight Dreamliners. The Dreamliner is a plane for the future, with high passenger comfort, low operating costs and reduced emissions.
The new agreement has been signed with long-time partner ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation). The new agreement includes two aircraft with expected delivery in early 2014. The contract period is 12 years.
Norwegian has currently signed purchase agreement for three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners, and lease agreements of a total of five. Three will be delivered in 2013, four in 2014 and one in early 2015.
Cost-effective and more environmentally progressive
“Norwegian will have a fleet of the most efficient and modern long-haul aircraft in the market, a strong competitive advantage when fuel prices are high”, said CEO Bjørn Kjos.
“The Dreamliner will reduce the company costs significantly and enables us to offer our customers inexpensive fares. Not least, the Dreamliner is the most environmentally friendly option available, with 20 percent less emissions than comparable aircraft,” said Kjos.
Norwegian will continue to offer inexpensive fares when it launches its non-stop long-haul routes. Combined with longer range and significantly lower operating costs many new direct flights to other continents will become a reality.
Facts about the Dreamliner
In addition to its operational benefits, the Dreamliner features a number of innovations that will benefit passengers, such as larger windows and a more silent cabin. The fact that the cabin is pressured at a lower level than other aircraft makes it more humid, which in turn reduces typical “jet lag” symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain.


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