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Norwegian may register 787 flights in Sweden


Airline waits for amendments to Norway’s immigration laws

The clock is ticking rapidly towards Norwegian’s first long-haul 787 Dreamliner trip from Oslo, bound for New York, on May 30. But the carrier has not yet received permits to operate planes with foreign crews. To employ labour from outside the EU on Norwegian’s long-haul flights requires an amendment to Norway’s immigration laws.
Norwegian has been waiting for nine months for such a ruling. Now the company’s communications director, Anne-Sissel Skånvik, is threatening to move the registration of the new Dreamliner flights to Sweden, where the Norwegian government would not have to yield to the airline’s unprecedented request.
Norwegian wants to recruit long-haul cabin crew and pilots in Thailand. Operational management will be based in Oslo, with some positions being a combination of operational and admin staff.
“Our pilots must have European certificates, while our cabin crew are being recruited in Thailand,” Norwegian’s press officer in Denmark, Johan Bisgaard Larsen, told Check-in. “But all flight personnel will be based in Bangkok in any case.”
[photo courtesy Norwegian]


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