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Norwegian hits back at press over wages


Norwegian blasts article in business paper on salaries

Norwegian says that claims made in the Saturday edition of the business newspaper Finansavisen on wages at the airline were misleading. The front-page story stated that “Spanish cabin crew at Norwegian are often down to 1000 euros a month.” No one just gets paid this minimum wage, the airline has responded, unless they have reduced working hours. Spanish cabin crew have “competitive local wages”, Norwegian says.
The press article also stated that wages in Thailand were “even lower” and that Norwegian had confirmed this – but this is something that the carrier says is also incorrect. “What we have confirmed is that the cost to operate a base in Bangkok goes down when we fly towards more European destinations from this base”, Norwegian clarifies. “It provides a more effective operation”, even when Norwegian’s wages are “far above normal Thai wages”.
“They are higher because these are intercontinental flights and we have imposed high standards of education and language skills. Wages for those who will work aboard long-haul aircraft will – converted from baht to Norwegian kroner – lie between 15,000 and 20,000 kroner per month, depending on experience and expertise.
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