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Norwegian hails new low-cost long-haul aircraft


Boeing 737 MAX jet to come into service over next few years
Boeing’s next generation of aircraft will herald a new chapter for low-cost long-haul aviation, according to Norwegian.
The Boeing 737 MAX jet, which will come into service over the next few years, has a much longer range than equivalent aircraft, which would allow the likes of Norwegian and Ryanair to fly much longer routes.
“Because of its size you can fly it to and from the US then you can fly it to another European city so you almost have potential round the clock utilisation for an aircraft, with appropriate safety checks in between of course,” Mitchell Hawes, Norwegian’s market development manager for the UK and Ireland, tells TTG Digital.
Inflight Wi-Fi will also mean that there is no need for cabling, which will make the aircraft lighter and more fuel efficient.
The plane is scheduled to come into service in 2017. Boeing currently has 2,725 orders for the jet, including Norwegian’s order for 100.
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