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Norwegian founder Kjos felt staff “betrayal”


Kjos makes confessions of insecurity in new book
Bjørn Kjos, founder of the low-cost carrier Norwegian, saw an attempt by some of his employees to get Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority to ban cheaper foreign crew on long-haul flights as “a betrayal”, he writes in a new autobiography called High and Low.
As the dispute between the airline and unions deepened, a number of the company’s staff travelled to the authority’s office in Bodø in the north of the country to try to persuade it to stop Norwegian from hiring crew from outside Norway.
The authority refused, but it was an insecure period in which Kjos felt he could no longer trust his own executives.
“To see people deliberately go out to destroy their own workplace in this way gave me a feeling of being immersed in a story by Franz Kafka, where there are strange things happening all the time, but where you never get a proper grip of what is going on,” he writes. “The only thing you’re left with is an overall sense of a kind of betrayal.”
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