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Norwegian considers Irish plane registration


Carrier tries to get around Norway’s labour laws

Low-cost carrier Norwegian is considering a radical move to cut its costs even further – to get around Norway’s laws that stop it hiring cheaper Asian cabin crews, by registering future long-haul aircraft in Ireland. The planes, namely eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners due for delivery, would fly the airline’s new routes to Thailand and the United States.
Norwegian has sent a letter to Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority, asking it to authorise “renting an aircraft that in all likelihood will be registered in the Irish Aircraft Registration Department”. Airline spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen confirmed the contents of the letter to AFP.
Norwegian’s attempts to persuade the Norwegain authorities to change its labour laws so it can hire cheaper crew members in Asia have so far failed. However, Sandaker-Nielsen said that a final decision to register the planes in another country “has not been made yet.”
[photo courtesy Norwegian]


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