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Norwegian blasted for refusing water, blankets


Passengers without the right credit cards suffer long journeys

Norwegian has apologised after refusing to give food, water and blankets to passengers on its recently launched long-haul flights to New York and Bangkok. The incidents appear to reveal some of the publicity problems that can hit a low-cost airline operating long-haul routes.
A 16-year-old flying from Oslo to New York could not pay the $5 extra fee charged by the carrier to “rent” a blanket as he only had cash and no credit card, the newspaper Aftenposten wrote. So he spent his time on the flight freezing.
On another flight, crew members took a cup of coffee back from a Thai woman after she had only a local credit card and only cash. The woman could not buy food or water on the 12-hour flight.
“This is totally unacceptable. Norwegian must ensure its passengers are treated well and we apologise deeply,” company spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen said. “We are the first to admit that we have had some start-up problems on the long-haul flights.”
[pictured: Norwegian’s first aircraft with Boeing’s Sky Interior; photo by Kevin Yoo/Boeing]


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