Home News Norway to build “tunnel for ships”

Norway to build “tunnel for ships”


For tourist and passenger ships up to 16,000 tonnes

Plans have been announced for what is being called the world’s first tunnel for large ships. Norway’s government is considering the plans, aimed at helping vessels navigate a dangerous part of the western coastline. The Stad maritime tunnel will be so named after a peninsula notorious for high winds and heavy seas.
The 1.7-kilometre tunnel would cost 1.6 billion kroner (€213 million), of which the government would put up a billion, and take four years to construct starting no earlier than 2018. The passage would link two fjords, blasting out part of the mountainside.
The project will “help increase safety and navigability”, the government said, and would be the world’s first tunnel to accommodate tourist, passenger and cargo ships of up to 16,000 tonnes. Small tunnels already exist, for example in France, for barges.


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