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Norway plans underwater floating roads


Engineering marvel to solve Norway’s road problems
Norway is considering an engineering marvel to help solve a pressing transport problem – the world’s first underwater floating tunnel.
Western Norway’s 1,200 fjords are stunning to look at, but a time-consuming nightmare to navigate by road. To drive from Kristiansand to Trondheim can take around 21 hours and multiple ferry crossings.
So the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is proposing floating tunnels, cutting the journey time by at least half. Two curved concrete tubes more than 1,200 metres long would be fixed 20 metres below the surface of the water.
The tubes would be attached to pontoons on the surface, with wide gaps between the pontoons to allow ships to pass
Nothing like this has ever been built before. It would cost an estimated $25 billion.
The administration is also proposing a 3,700-metre-long suspension bridge – double the length of the current world record holder. The towers at either end would stand 450 metres tall, 150 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower. The bridge would span Sognefjord, with other bridges to follow by 2035.
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