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Norway closes travel market Reiseliv


Expo executive explains why Reiseliv will not be held in 2013

After 25 years of operation, the Norwegian trade expo company Norges Varemesse has decided to discontinue its annual travel and tourism fair. Reiseliv will not now be held in 2013. The background is a trend in recent years where the public and tourism industry is giving priority to other channels for buying and selling travel.
Siv Lunde Kolrud, CEO, Norges Varemesse: “We are seeing over time that the travel industry has changed its priorities and reduced its commitment to the show as a marketing channel. The public’s buying habits are changing, and many prefer today to book travel online.”
He continued: “We host many major trade shows each year and must constantly evaluate our focus and what industries we should aim for. Now we will use the coming year to look at development opportunities and new ideas, in close dialogue with industry. Then we will consider whether travel and tourism will be resurrected in a new guise.”
Norges Varemesse is described as a foundation whose purpose is to support Norwegian industry in business terms.
“We come in the course of the year to initiate a dialogue with the tourism industry on how we can support them best in the future and how we can define the role of the exhibition format in future marketing efforts.”
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[photo courtesy Norges Varemesse


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