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Norway’s longest artwork opens


Norway’s longest artwork is finally ready at Oslo Airport and the opening took place on 11 April. The artwork is a whopping 250 metres long and adorns the walkway out to the South Pier.

“This helps provide a better passenger experience and elevates their experience of the South Pier,” says Nic. Nilsen, managing director of Oslo Airport.

Last year, Oslo Airport organised an open art competition for the artistic decoration of the passageway. The winning project, “Palindrome,” by Norwegian artists Helga Bu and Kristin Ytreberg, consists of a series of text and numerical pictures done as reliefs, carved in metal and painted. The images invite travellers to engage in visual and cognitive play, enabling them to discover new images, words and “palindromic” effects as they make their way through the walkway. Whether you are walking to your aircraft or are headed into the terminal, whether you are leaving or returning home, you will be able to read the same sentences or see the same numbers in either direction. Palindromes are words, numbers and geometric shapes that read the same backwards or forwards.

“Palindromes are very fascinating. They make you think and give all travellers a positive experience on their way to the gate,” says Nilsen.

The jury’s citation

In its statement, the jury wrote: “This proposal combines precise aesthetic qualities with humour and wit. People will be drawn into visual mind games as they keep discovering new pictures, words and palindromic effects on their way through the pier. The use of painted metal provides a robust and elegant material quality. The pictures are physical objects, adding a new element to the pier and making it more visually inspiring.”


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