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Nordics: highest fuel prices in the world


The world’s costliest petrol can be found in Norway

The costliest petrol in the world is found in Norway, where a litre of unleaded costs 200 cents (€), according to a new report by insurance specialists Staveley Head. This is despite the fact that Norway is the world’s fifth largest oil exporter. The high cost comes from high tax – a road-use tax as well as a CO2 tax. Yet comparatively high wages mean that in Norway car owners spend 7.4% of their monthly incomes on fuel on average – compared to 10.3% in the UK and 20% in Eritrea.
Denmark has the sixth most expensive petrol in the world (174 cents per litre), Sweden the eighth most expensive (172 cents per litre). Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece all have more expensive petrol than Denmark. The UK, Eritrea and Belgium are the other nations in the top ten.
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