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Nordics change Egypt travel warnings


Bans lifted on travel to South Sinai and Sharm
Egypt’s tourism sector will get a boost from the Nordic countries retracting their travel warnings to South Sinai.
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden say they are lifting their warnings against travel to South Sinai including the popular tourist destinations Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab and St Catherine.
The retraction is welcome news for a region with so many families heavily dependent on tourism. Egypt is still struggling to recover from the impact of the crash at the end of October 2015 of a Russian aircraft carrying 224 people. It fell into the Sinai Peninsula, killing everyone on board, spurring countries around the world to issue travel bans and warnings.
The Nordics are not the first to readjust their warnings for Egypt, with Germany lifting its ban on direct flights to Sharm El-Sheikh in May 2016. Egypt continues to press the UK and Russia to lift their Sharm El-Sheikh bans which remain in place.
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