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Nordic travel habits revealed in new survey


Swedes, Danes switch off phones; Norwegians, Finns don’t

A new survey shows that Nordic countries vary considerably when it comes to switching off their mobile devices while on holiday. Only 29% of Danes and – among the lowest in the world – 23% of Swedes are unwilling to ditch their devices while on vacation.

But 50% of Finns saying they’d be unwilling to give up their mobile technology and – the highest of any European country – 53% of Norwegians would not switch off. The top five countries listed in the Hotels.com Disconnect to Reconnect survey are Asian countries. Travellers from Thailand are the least prepared to abandon their mobiles (85%), with Korea taking second place (78%), followed by Japan (69%), China (67%) and Singapore (60%).

The survey examined digital vacationing habits across 28 countries worldwide. At the opposite end of the spectrum is India, where 20% of participants would be unable to abandon their mobile devices or laptops, followed by Argentina (22%) and Sweden.

When it comes to bragging rights and which countries are most likely to exaggerate their vacation experiences, all Nordic countries rate among the lowest (under 30%). China comes top with 67% of respondents likely to lie to friends and family when returning home. Germany is close behind in second place with 64% and Korea is third with 48% admitting they would embellish a travel story to impress others.


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