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Nordic tourism still eye-wateringly expensive


Nordic capitals among world’s most expensive destinations
Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm make up positions three, four and five, respectively, of the world’s most expensive tourism destinations.
Based on average hotel, food, drink, taxi and entertainment costs per person per night, cities are ranked from most to least expensive by airport transfer firm Hoppa.
The only cities pricier than the Nordic capitals are Zurich, at €201.80, and New York at €186.22. The average cost of a night in Copenhagen is quoted at €178.44, Oslo €174.48 and Stockholm €155.28.
Copenhagen ranks top in the world for a cup of coffee, but only ninth for a pint of beer and tenth for a bus-tour ticket.
The high prices in Scandinavia put the Nordic cities above Venice in 6th, London in 12th, Dubai 13th, Tokyo 17th and Las Vegas at 18th. Helsinki places 19th, Berlin 35th, Tallinn 46th, Riga 48th. The most affordable destinations in the list are Antalya, Bucharest, Cartagena, Cairo and, cheapest of the lot, Sofia at €48.23.
See the entire Hoppa list here.
Copenhagen Post / TTG Nordic


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